Welcome to A Practitioner’s Ph.D!  This is a blog about connecting what I learn in grad school into what I do as a practitioner.  I’ll be sharing highlights from the enormous amount of reading as well as in class learning, and making connections in my day job. Whenever possible, I’ll include real-life examples or anecdotes in order to link theory with practice.  And if I can’t find one of my own, I’ll find one from friends and colleagues, because leadership can emerge from anywhere.

So what to expect?

  • The Ins and Outs of Leadership Studies
  • Life in the Medical Device Industry
  • The Ups and Downs of Working and Going to School Full Time

I was inspired to write this blog by my best friend Nancy.  As undergrads, she’d buy books (fiction and non-fiction) but didn’t have time to read them.  Instead, I’d read her books, then write up short summaries on my MySpace (before Facebook existed), for her and all our friends to read.  It helped me to organize my learning, and let others catch a glimpse into something they otherwise were too busy to dive into.  Hopefully this blog will help other practitioners interested in Leadership Studies without being crazy enough to dedicate 4-6 years to school.

Now I can’t forget my husband and best friend Long.  Without his love and support, I wouldn’t be back in school… I’d simply be dreaming about it.


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