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Being in Three Places at Once

This fall I have the opportunity to learn in three very different settings.  In the first setting, I am co-instructing (as I mentioned in a previous post) an undergraduate course called Emerging Leaders.  The second setting, I am the only … Continue reading

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The Introverted Teacher

Today was my first day teaching an undergraduate leadership course called Emerging Leaders.  My co-instructor is an extrovert while I am an introvert. I’ve had years of teaching experience: 5 years piano, 2 years SAT prep, 3 years college business … Continue reading

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Another perspective: Measuring human worth Gavin Aung Than beautifully illustrates the words of Bill Watterson on the creation of a life that reflects one’s true self. 

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Measuring Success In Other Ways

When I was an undergraduate at the University of San Diego, a theology professor used an analogy to explain God’s existence which has stayed with me for the past ten years.  Since then, I have used the analogy to explain … Continue reading

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Drink Cooperatively

I am currently in Basque Country (in Spain) learning about the Mondragon Corporation. One fun experience so far is how Basque people practice cooperativism even in their socializing–a pub crawl. Each person puts in 5 euros to an appointed money … Continue reading

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Book Review: Oh Myyy! (There Goes the Internet)

I was interested in reading George Takei’s book because he discusses how he grew his social media presence (while I’m just starting out mine in this blog).  Like his Facebook page, George uses photos in his book (I have the … Continue reading

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Democracy in Business?

I’ll be going to Spain in July to visit the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (MCC) and learn about how they run their business.  MCC is the largest Basque business group with 92,000 employees and has, for the most part, been able … Continue reading

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